Bed Bug Bites: What You Need to Know

A few interesting facts about the bites of this parasite


Bed bugs are blood-sucking insects that feed on mammals at night. Therefore, they seek out warm places to hide out while they wait to feed. Often their hiding places are beds, giving them their name. Bed bugs infestations are dreaded by most because of the itchy welts they leave when they bite their host’s skin. If you are experiencing or suspect you have a bed bug infestation, there are a few interesting things you might want to be aware of. Read on to learn about bed bug bites.

The 411 on Bed Bug Bites

  • Bites from bed bugs are usually characterized by the red bumps they leave in lines of multiple bites (usually three). The severity of these bites can vary from small welts to blistery, inflamed rashes.
  • Bed bugs seek out exposed skin close to blood vessels when they’re feeding. Therefore, the arms, legs, hands, neck, and face are among the most common areas to find bites from a bed bug.
  • Fun fact: humans aren’t actually allergic to bed bugs; they’re allergic to the saliva bed bugs inject into the skin when they bite.
  • Bites from bed bugs don’t affect everyone in the same way. For example, a couple that sleeps in the same infested bed can wake up with different reactions. Some people will have the notorious itchy red welts attributed to bed bugs, and some will wake up with no skin response at all. This means that a person with skin that doesn’t react to a bed bug’s bites could be completely unaware of an infestation if they sleep alone.
  • If you suspect you’re dealing with a bed bug infestation, the quickest fix is to contact an exterminator. Unfortunately, DIY treatments for bed bugs are mostly unsuccessful, meaning you’ll probably endure more unpleasant bites as you battle your infestation. For professional help, call Resolution Pest at 610-337-7378 for a free evaluation by one of our trained bed bug treatment experts. We will evaluate your bed bug treatment or other pest control needs and will keep you informed throughout the process.

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