A Practical Guide to Ant Control for Your Wayne Home


There are many different types of ants you might encounter in your Wayne, Philadelphia home, including odorous house ants, black ants, pavement ants, flying ants, and carpenter ants. While many of these ants are not particularly dangerous to humans, all of them can bite and may cause pain, itching, and burning. All of these ants can invade your home as well.

Once inside, they can easily contaminate your food if they gain access to it. Carpenter ants, much like termites, can cause structural damage to your home as well. The bottom line is, nobody wants to see ants in their home. At the very least, they are a nuisance pest. In some cases, they can become problematic. Here at Resolution Pest, we want to offer this practical guide to ant control for your Wayne home.

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How To Keep Ants Out Of Your Wayne Home

The best place to start is by taking steps to reduce the chance of getting ants into your Wayne home in the first place. This is sometimes a tricky task. Once ants have begun to invade your home, they tend to attract more ants. This is because they leave a scent that leads more ants to food sources. The more ants that follow the trail, the stronger the trail becomes, multiplying the invasion. While it can be difficult to stop ants from invading your home, there are some things you can do to deter these pests:

  • Keep an eye out for scout ants. They are looking for food sources and will alert other ants to the location of food in your home. This is the first sign more ants will soon be marching into your home.

  • Check your yard for ant colonies, especially very close to your home. These need to be eliminated as soon as possible.

  • Keep the floors in your home swept and mopped regularly. This can help eliminate ant trails.

  • Keep counters and cabinets free of food crumbs.

  • Keep food properly sealed.

  • Seal cracks and openings around your home’s foundation and be sure to address doorways that have gaps. It’s hard to completely ant-proof your home by sealing openings because ants can get through even the smallest openings. Be vigilant as you look for and seal openings.

  • If you use ant sprays and bait, be aware that not all of them are effective. Many ant sprays can even pose a threat to pets.

  • Use professional pest control services to thoroughly eliminate an ant invasion.

Why Resolution Is The Best Choice For Ant Control In Your Wayne Home

At Resolution Pest, we are dedicated to keeping our customers' homes and businesses completely pest-free. We hire the best employees for the job and use only the highest-quality pest control products available. Our team of board-trained, state-certified pest control technicians passed rigorous background checks as part of the hiring process. They are certified pest professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to combat a range of pest problems in your Wayne home, including ants. At Resolution, we specialize in eco-friendly pest control solutions and offer guaranteed results. If you have ants home or need more information about keeping away, call the professionals at Resolution. We look forward to helping you today.

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