A Simple Guide To Bed Bug Prevention For Wayne Homeowners


When it comes to bed bugs, there are a lot of misconceptions. For instance, many people believe that bed bugs will only infest dirty homes. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is, bed bugs can infest any home, clean or dirty. As such, all Wayne homeowners need to know the effective bed bug preventative measures they can take to limit their exposure to these little parasites. Furthermore, it is important for you to know what bed bug treatments you can rely upon to get rid of them should your Wayne home become infested.

a bed bug infestation on a mattress

Bed Bug Basics

Bed bugs are parasites which means they feed on the blood of animals. While they will feed on other mammals, and some birds, bed bugs prefer to feed on the blood of humans. This means they frequently make their way into our Wayne homes. Another common misconception about bed bugs is that they are invisible to the naked eye. While small, bed bugs can be seen by humans. They are reddish-brown in color with flat bodies, shaped similarly to apple seeds. However, their bodies will swell up and turn to a deep reddish-purple once they have fed on a blood meal.

Bed bugs are nocturnal animals. They frequently make their homes inside of mattresses and box springs as these locations provide them with easy access to sleeping humans. This is also from where they get their name. Although a bed bug infestation might begin around a bed, if not dealt with promptly, it can spread throughout the home.

How Do Bed Bugs Get Into Homes?

Bed bugs are like little hitchhikers in that they often make their way into homes while “hitching” rides on us humans or our belongings. People unknowingly pick up bed bugs while out in the world. Places that you are most likely to pick up bed bugs are called bed bug hotspots. These hotspots are locations that regularly have a lot of people coming and going. Bed bug hotspots include train stations, bus depots, and airports; lodging establishments such as hotels, motels, and dormitories; and other highly-populated areas such as hospitals, schools, and shopping malls.
In addition to being brought into homes on people, bed bugs can also make their way into homes while living in secondhand items. Things like secondhand furniture, clothing, and appliances could all be infested with bed bugs which is why it’s so important to thoroughly inspect and clean them before bringing into your home.

Bed Bug Prevention Techniques

Bed bug prevention is all about being cautious while venturing into bed bug hotspots, as well as ensuring any item that you bring into your home is not infested. To accomplish these, you should:

  • Never sit directly on the ground while in bed bug hotspots.

  • Do not place your personal belongings directly on the ground. 

  • Inspect hotel rooms for signs of bed bugs before using them.

  • Inspect your person for bed bugs after returning from bed bug hotspots.

  • Refrain from purchasing secondhand mattresses and box springs.

  • If you must purchase secondhand clothing, furniture, or appliances, inspect them for bed bugs and clean them thoroughly before bringing them into your home.

What To Do If Your Wayne Home Is Infested With Bed Bugs

While you should take all preventative measures at your disposal, bed bug prevention is never 100 percent effective. Therefore, if you find yourself dealing with bed bugs in your Wayne home, contact the professionals here at Resolution Pest right away. Our Bed Bug Control Services are specifically designed to effectively eliminate bed bugs from homes so that you can rest assured when you go to bed at night, you aren’t being bitten. Don’t let bed bugs live in your home. Give us a call today.

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