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Mice have been cute pets for a long time now. They are incredibly social animals and enjoy living with humans. Those mice that are pets don’t carry disease and are not usually a danger, but a house mouse infestation; now that is a problem that must be taken care of fast. Why you might ask? Because these little pests breed quickly, and where there’s one, there might be hundreds. 

mice infesting home in wayne

What To Look For?

The standard house mouse is small, measuring about 2 ½ to 3 ¾ inches, with round bodies, pointed snouts, large ears, small eyes, and a long tail. If you find yourself having a rodent infestation, it will be the house mouse invading your property in Wayne most of the time.

Due to their use as pets, being the most popular lab animal globally, and the massive number of mice bred in captivity, they tend not to be frightened of humans. They prefer living in homes that will provide them with a warm place to live, food, and a quiet, dark area to build a nest. A house mouse has learned over time that humans will provide everything they need.

House Mouse Dangers

The house mouse is a dangerous pest to have in the house because it can transmit bacteria and diseases to everyone in the infested home. Some of the conditions they are known to transmit are lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM), salmonellosis, dysentery, hantavirus, and leptospirosis. They also increase allergy and asthma issues through their micro urine and when people inhale dust containing particles of their dried droppings.

They also create significant damage to the home’s structure, chewing through pipes, wires, drywall, flooring, and insulation. 

Preventative Measures To Keep Mice Away

In addition to contacting Resolution Pest for professional services in the Wayne metro area, the following tips can help to prevent problems with rodents:

  • Remove woodpiles, piles of leaves, garbage, or construction debris from your property where rodents could hide.
  • Make sure that outdoor trash cans and compost bins have tight-fitting lids on them.
  • Place gardens a distance away from the outside of your home.
  • Make sure chimneys have tight-fitting caps.
  • Repair any loose or missing roof shingles.
  • Repair holes along the roofline and at roof intersections.
  • Place door sweeps on all exterior doors, especially basement doors.
  • Trim tree limbs, shrubs, and bushes away from the exterior of your home.
  • Seal cracks in the foundation and exterior walls of your home, along with spaces around utility entrances.

Getting Rid Of The House Mouse

Resolution Pest is ready to help you eliminate the house mouse infestation in your Wayne home.

We will begin with a detailed inspection of your property for evidence of pest activity and identify the type of pest infestation you might be dealing with. After the inspection and based on the results, we will create a customized plan to match the unique pest control you need in your home.

Now that we know what type of infestation you have, we will provide a free quote with a detailed estimation of the services you need in your personalized plan. Once everything has been agreed upon, our expert team will begin implementing our professional services following a thoroughly vetted process to eliminate and prevent any further infestations.

All our services are environmentally safe, and we only use ethical treatments to solve all the rodent problems you might have. So, be sure to contact Resolution Pest today for all your rodent infestation needs in Wayne.

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