Three Effective Rodent Prevention Tips For Wayne Property Owners


In the state of Pennsylvania, there are three primary rodent species you could find invading the warmth and comfort of your Wayne property. On the mouse side, the most common perpetrator is the deer mouse, little balls of fur known for their white underbellies and double-shaded, hairy tails. On the rat side, you could equally face intruders like the brown rat, one of the largest species of rodent in America, and the roof rat, who are typically darker in color and have long tails, but shorter bodies overall.
Whether or not you’ve ever had to deal with rodents before, the three different ways they can inflict danger should still be noted. With their big buck teeth and even bigger stomachs, materials such as wires, plastic, wood, and even metals like aluminum can be easily chewed through. Secondly, ventilation shafts and pipes can become clogged by nesting rodents. Worst of all, diseases can be spread – not only by the rodents themselves but the fleas and ticks they carry. Luckily, Resolution Pest is here to help you apply the rule of thirds to rodent control.

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The Three Common Things That Attract Rodents

Before they can ever invade your Wayne property, a family of rodents must first somehow find it. The question this raises is obvious: how do they find new potential homes? More often than not, it is not a coincidence – rodents simply follow their senses whenever attractors present themselves. So, what are the three most common attractants in human homes?

  1. Sweet and protein-high foods are particular favorites for these fuzzy pests. Peanut butter, jerky, pet food, and other similar products should be tightly sealed in airtight containers.
  2. Yards with long grass, unkempt bushes, or scattered clutter are just asking for unwanted guests. Pick up small toys and the like, and always keep foliage trimmed away from the house.
  3. Just like humans, rodents find some aromas much more enticing than others. Instead of using fragrances or perfumes that have a sweet or flowery scent, use a peppermint or vinegar spray.

The Three Entry Points To Your Wayne Property Most Used By Rodents

On a day to day basis, the state of our homes is not something we tend to take note of or pay particular attention to – unless something is distinctly, decidedly different. This is to say, sometimes a rodent has to create a path into a home. Other times, they simply take advantage of the entry points that already exist. Here is a list of three entry points to your Wayne property and how to close them off from invaders, brought to you by Resolution Pest.

  1. Watch your front door – and all your other doors, for that matter. The inch or so of space under doors leaves more than enough room for rodents to squeeze under. To prevent this, simply install door seals at any portal to the outdoors.
  2. Proficient in climbing and swimming as they are, prepare your vents and pipes as needed for rodent infestation. Place meshes for a pest barrier air and water can still pass through.
  3. While cracks and crevices at any height in the structure of your Wayne property can be a potential entry point, the most common holes exist at the foundation level. To make sure rodents can’t squeeze their way indoors, apply an appropriate sealant to any gaps along the base of your building.

Keep in mind that neither of these lists is exhaustive. Far from it, in fact! The truth is, when it comes to comprehensive pest control, the only way to definitively overcome the odds is by collaborating with experienced experts who can access the situation and work out a plan that will work for you. No one knows Pennsylvania rodent protection like Resolution Pest; contact us today to see why.

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