Wayne Property Owners' Complete Guide To Effective Spider Control


Some pests act as evidence of larger pest infestations. Spiders, whether they’re common nuisance varieties or rare venomous ones, fall into this category. These creepy stalkers feed on other bugs, meaning their presence on your property is proof of an underlying pest infestation.

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Common Spiders In The Area

Most spiders are relatively harmless to people and pets. While pretty much all of them can bite, most don’t carry strong enough venom to harm animals that are so much larger than themselves. That said, some can pack far more dangerous bites if provoked.

Here’s how to tell common spiders from more dangerous ones:

Cellar Spider

Often called the “daddy long legs,” this common spider variety has misshapen fangs that can’t even puncture human skin. That said, they are nimble hunters and can thrive inside homes and businesses.Brown Tarantula: No one who spends time in desert climates can remain unfamiliar with these gentle giants. One of the largest pest spiders, these hairy arachnids are some of the most imposing species out there, though they lack harmful venom.

Brown Recluse

One of the deadliest spiders in North America, the desert brown recluse is a bit less aggressive than its woodland cousin variety. They range from yellow or tan to dark brown and tend to keep to themselves. That said, they will bite if provoked, causing far worse symptoms than a typical bite.

Black Widows

Finally, the most iconic of the venomous spiders. Known for their tell-tale red hourglass shape on their bellies, black widows carry dangerous venom. While rare, you should seek immediate medical attention if you suspect a black widow bite.

Why Spiders Move Inside

Unlike other pests that forage, spiders only come in search of one thing: bugs to prey on. That’s why a spider infestation is almost always a sign of a much larger pest problem. If you spot any spiders, it’s a good idea to turn directly to professionals. A trained pair of eyes for an inspection can help determine what other pests have already moved in, and expert technicians can deal with these problems quickly and safely. However, as with most problems, the best way to deal with one is to avoid it altogether.

Spider Prevention & Other Pest Tricks

By the time you notice spiders, it’s usually too late to truly get the larger pest problem under control. That’s why it’s important to take steps early on to make your property less attractive and accessible to pests of all kinds:

Food Storage

Spiders don’t look for crumbs and spills, but foraging bugs that spiders prey on certainly do. Clean up food messes and store items in safe, sturdy containers that can’t be chewed through.

Trash Storage

The same goes for the food waste that’s leftover in the trash or out in the bin. Containers need to be inaccessible to pests rooting around.


Bugs like overgrown grass and vegetation, which provides landing pads and hiding areas. Keeping a well-manicured lawn can help curb pest problems.

Crack Sealing

Bugs can squeeze through impossibly small blemishes in walls and floors. Routinely inspecting your structures for any holes or cracks, mending where necessary, will reduce entry points for spiders and insects.

A Resolution To Protect Your Property

Since spider prevention is really about total pest control for your property, it’s not a good idea to try and take it all on yourself. Rather than go it alone, turn to your local pest professionals for more advice or assistance. At Resolution Pest, our friendly staff knows how to be thorough and safe. Whether you need us to eliminate a full-blown problem or if you just want to get started on treatments and inspections that ensure you never have to worry we are here to help.

Don’t let nuisance or dangerous spiders invade your property in search of prey, contact Resolution Pest for complete protection. Learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control options.

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