What Wayne Property Owners Need To Know About Do-It-Yourself Ant Control


No matter how small bugs are, they can cause Wayne residents a lot of trouble. Some insects bite or sting. Others destroy property. Many carry germs that lead to the spread of disease. Several are capable of all three of these things. Any home or business owner would be pressed to keep critters away or kill them.
People often take to using store items or “do it yourself” methods to try to control pests. They figure it will be a quicker and cheaper route than utilizing a professional service. However, the opposite is true, especially with ants. Learn now about native ants in Wayne, why “at home” tricks fail, and how Resolution Pest can be the answer to your problems.

carpenter ants crawling on wood

What Ants Are Common in Wayne? What Are The Risks?

All ants carry bacteria on their bodies. Because of this, they contaminate food and surfaces as they crawl about. Various species pose additional threats. Carpenter, pavement, and odorous house ants are a few of the types found in the area. Carpenter ants create structural damage while they drill through wood, building transport tunnels and nests. They typically target moist or decaying wood, trees, and logs. Primary entryways for them to enter a home are openings in:

  • Vents

  • Cracks in foundations

  • Space around wires and utility lines

Carpenter ants are ¼ to ½ of an inch long. Color-wise, they come in black, red, yellow, brown, orange, tan, and reddish-black. Signs of infestation include seeing piles of their body parts, wood shavings, and having hollow walls.
Pavement ants are an issue in several ways. For one, they swam in kitchens. Two, they ruin lawns when they inhabit them. Three, they fester in driveways and sidewalks, and around porches. Four, they can sting humans. These critters cause quite a few issues considering they only grow to be as much as ⅛ of an inch long. They’re black or brown and have appendages that are brighter colored.
When they’re crushed, odorous house ants are certainly smelly. They release a “spoiled coconut” scent. Their bites cause mild pain. Needing warmth and moisture, they strive to stay indoors. Foundation and floor voids, heaters, carpeting, pipes, and paneling are their usual nesting spots. Their black or brown bodies are ⅛ of an inch long. If you see even one, you likely have an infestation.

Why Don’t “Do It Yourself” Ant Control Methods Work?

Independent avenues to eliminate ants fall short because they generally aren’t designed for long-term effectiveness. They’re the equivalent of a bandage for a cut or wound. Eventually, you’ll need to see a doctor. In this scenario, the “doctor” is Resolution Pest. Here are aspects to consider with “DIY” options:

  • The average person won’t be able to locate and address an ant nest. These bugs live and hide in hard to reach areas.

  • Most commercial products are for killing individual ants or surface-treating an infestation. They won’t get to the core of a nest.

  • There’s a strong possibility you’ll misuse a pesticide. Instructions are frequently difficult to decipher. The outcomes could be dire.

  • Each kind of ant reacts differently to treatments. You could apply something that will just make them scatter to multiple other places on your property.

What Can Resolution Pest Do About Ants?

Our technicians at Resolution Pest are board-trained and have certifications from state agencies. They have the expertise to accurately identify ant species and their hubs. They’ll use our high-quality and environmentally safe products to perform an in-depth extermination. You’ll be happy with the long-lasting results and our timing efficiency.
We offer affordable services that come with guarantees and routine visits. You’ll always be covered with us. That’s why we’ve been successfully in business for over 20 years and are Angie's List Super Service Award recipients, four years straight. Get a free inspection today!

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