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3 Things Wayne Residents Can Do To Prevent Rodents This Fall


It happens every fall. When the leaves turn pretty colors, the smell of wood smoke drifts through the air, and people trade their shorts for long pants and sweatshirts, little wild critters begin looking for ways to get into human dwellings. If you aren't ready, rodents might make their way into your home and cause a number of issues.... Read More

a bed bug crawling through the white linens of a philadelphia bed in the dark of the night

Steps You Can Take To Avoid Back-To-School Bed Bugs


If you are a parent, we can only guess that you are excited since a new school year means, for 7-8 hours a day, your home will be quieter. This is good news. The bad news is, the school year can also bring the chance of a bed bug infestation. How? Let’s talk about that.... Read More

a small golden brown german cockroach crawlong along a vibrant green leaf in a malvern pennsilvania garden one sunny day

Common Problems Cockroaches CauseĀ 


Did you know that a cockroach can withstand pressures of more than 900 times their body weight? But even if you do succeed in stomping on and killing countless roaches, there are likely hundreds more hiding out inside wall voids and other hidden places.... Read More

termites crawling out of wood with holes

How Much Damage Can Termites Actually Do?


When you think about potential threats to your home, what are you most concerned about? Does a natural disaster come to mind? What about a house fire? Maybe you are here today because termites are on your mind but you aren’t sure what kind of threat they pose. If that is why you are here, stick around because today that's just what we are talking about.... Read More

a mosquito biting the arm of a philadelphia pennsylvania resident

Guide To Minimizing Mosquito Exposure


Have you ever wondered what attracts mosquitoes to properties? You may not like the answer. The truth is, aside from flowering plants, anything that has blood attracts mosquitoes.... Read More

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