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Are The Spiders In Wayne, PA Dangerous?


If you were to create a list of the most disturbing pests commonly found within Wayne, spiders would probably be near the top of that list. Not only are spiders freaky-looking due to their eight legs and multiple eyes, but they’re also known for inflicting painful bites.... Read More

cellar spiders making a web in a wayne home

Four Simple Tricks To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Wayne Home 


Homeowners in the Wayne area are all too familiar with the repeated appearances of spiders in and around their properties. You may not care too much about a spider hiding in the garden, but you sure do care a bunch about spiders entering the home in droves! Should you be worried about spider infestations around the house?... Read More

termites eating wood in a house

Four Signs Your Wayne Home May Have A Termite Problem


The statistics behind termite activity are stunning, and often very concerning to Wayne homeowners. It isn’t uncommon to see people lose entire homes to a severe infestation, and be forced to repair damages themselves due to preventable condition clauses in their homeowner insurance plans. ... Read More

carpenter ants crawling on wood

What Wayne Property Owners Need To Know About Do-It-Yourself Ant Control


No matter how small bugs are, they can cause Wayne residents a lot of trouble. Some insects bite or sting. Others destroy property. Many carry germs that lead to the spread of disease. Several are capable of all three of these things. Any home or business owner would be pressed to keep critters away or kill them. People often take to using store items or “do it yourself” methods to try to control pests. They figure it ... Read More

termites crawling in a group through wood

7 Ways You Could Be Wrong About Termites In Wayne


Termites can be one of the worst pests to encounter on your Wayne property because they are so destructive. They can do a great deal of damage and end up costing you up to thousands of dollars in repairs. Termites can ruin anything from wooden flooring to support beams to furniture.... Read More

pavement ant on wall

A Practical Guide to Ant Control for Your Wayne Home


There are many different types of ants you might encounter in your Wayne, Philadelphia home, including odorous house ants, black ants, pavement ants, flying ants, and carpenter ants. All of these ants can invade your home as well.... Read More

a  bed bug crawling on a bed

All The Ways You Can Bring Bed Bugs Into Your Wayne Home


“Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” If your mother or father ever said this to you as a child before putting you to bed, you probably didn’t heed the warning too seriously. After all, it’s just a sweet thing they’d say before bed, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore.... Read More

termite damage on a window frame

A Comprehensive Termite Guide For Wayne Property Owners  


Termites are a dangerous pest to have on your property. It’s not because they can inject you with lethal venom or spread deadly diseases. No, termites are dangerous because they can destroy your home before you even realize they’re there. In fact, they cause five billion dollars in property damage for Americans annually.... Read More

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Common Problems Cockroaches Cause 


Did you know that a cockroach can withstand pressures of more than 900 times their body weight? But even if you do succeed in stomping on and killing countless roaches, there are likely hundreds more hiding out inside wall voids and other hidden places.... Read More


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