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Wayne's Practical Termite Prevention Guide


You know that termites eat wood, but do you know how much damage they can really cause? These little pests have an appetite for the structural materials that make up your home, and can eat up wooden materials for months or even years without detection. So, when it comes to termites, dedicated prevention is the best way to save your property and your wallet from taking a hit. Consider this your guide for termite prevention in Wayne.... Read More

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Four Signs Your Wayne Home May Have A Termite Problem


The statistics behind termite activity are stunning, and often very concerning to Wayne homeowners. It isn’t uncommon to see people lose entire homes to a severe infestation, and be forced to repair damages themselves due to preventable condition clauses in their homeowner insurance plans. ... Read More

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7 Ways You Could Be Wrong About Termites In Wayne


Termites can be one of the worst pests to encounter on your Wayne property because they are so destructive. They can do a great deal of damage and end up costing you up to thousands of dollars in repairs. Termites can ruin anything from wooden flooring to support beams to furniture.... Read More

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A Comprehensive Termite Guide For Wayne Property Owners  


Termites are a dangerous pest to have on your property. It’s not because they can inject you with lethal venom or spread deadly diseases. No, termites are dangerous because they can destroy your home before you even realize they’re there. In fact, they cause five billion dollars in property damage for Americans annually.... Read More

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How Much Damage Can Termites Actually Do?


When you think about potential threats to your home, what are you most concerned about? Does a natural disaster come to mind? What about a house fire? Maybe you are here today because termites are on your mind but you aren’t sure what kind of threat they pose. If that is why you are here, stick around because today that's just what we are talking about.... Read More


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