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The small town of Blue Bell, PA, is known as a lovely Philadelphia suburb, but did you know the town used to be called Pigeontown? That’s right, back in the day, large flocks of passenger pigeons would gather in Blue Bell, crowding the streets and being total nuisances. Believe it or not, that was technically a pest infestation. From birds and other wildlife to cockroaches and rodents, Blue Bell is still home to many nuisance pests, and they are a great danger to property owners. The best way to protect your home and/or business from infestation is to contact pest professionals.
Welcome to Resolution Pest, your go-to source for everything pest control. Since 1999, our family-owned, and operated business has been treating homes and businesses with eco-friendly pest solutions. We service properties all around Whitpain Township, Montgomery County, and the larger Philadelphia metro area. With 20 years of industry experience backing us up, our customers know that they’re in good hands every step of the way. Call us today to speak to one of our team members about your pest control needs.

Residential Pest Control In Blue Bell, PA

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Buying a home is a huge accomplishment, and protecting your Blue Bell home from danger is of the utmost importance. One of these potential dangers is the presence of nuisance pests in your house. If you experience an infestation, you’re exposed to widespread contamination, large scale property damage, and perhaps the worst nightmare of your life. But the good thing is that you don’t have to face it alone.
Our residential pest control services provide year-round coverage from a long list of common household pests, some of which include ants, cockroaches, fleas & ticks, bed bugs, termites, spiders, silverfish, wildlife, rodents, and stinging insects. Our Property Shield Program provides you with perimeter protection and fast, convenient services that are 100% guaranteed. We are a GreenPro Certified company that prioritizes not only the health of our customers but also that of the environment we live in. Contact us to discuss your residential pest control needs and how we can help guard your property against infestation.

Commercial Pest Control In Blue Bell, PA

While every Blue Bell business is unique in its own way, they all have at least one thing in common. Each and every one of the businesses around town is at risk of pest infestation. When nuisance pests enter your property, they threaten the health and safety of everyone in the facility, plus they do a number on your reputation. To effectively deal with pest activity, the only way to go is with professional services.
At Resolution Pest, we provide trusted commercial pest control solutions to many different types of businesses. Whether you run a hotel, a restaurant, an office building, or a multi-family housing unit, you can count on us to protect your property. Our team of board-trained, state-certified pest control technicians uses the least amount of chemicals possible to bring you long-lasting, pest-free results you can feel good about. Our follow-up services are scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis depending upon your preferences and your specific infestation. Whatever the nature of your pest problem, we’re here to resolve it for you. Get in touch with us to hear more about our commercial service plans and how they can benefit you and your business today.

Protect Your Blue Bell, PA Property From Rodents

Mice, rats, and other rodents are not visitors you want to discover in your Blue Bell home or business. Not only do they cause widespread contamination and property damage, but they can also bite and spread disease, Luckily, there are some preventative measures you can take to reduce your chances of rodent activity.
Make sure to seal up cracks and crevices and effectively block off entry points. It’s also important to eliminate access to any food source. Store food in gnaw-proof containers, and keep your trash outside in sealed, metal bins. Also, be sure to reduce excess moisture around your property. These are all great ways to be proactive, but for the best, most reliable source of year-round rodent protection, call Resolution Pest today.

Three Practical Things You Can Do To Avoid Bed Bugs In Blue Bell, PA

Bed bugs are nocturnal nuisance pests that feed on human blood. They wait until you’re sound asleep, and emerge from their hiding areas in your room. Bed bug infestation spreads rapidly and can be very hard to manage. Try the following tips to prevent these parasitic pests from infesting your property:

  • Wash and dry all your clothing, bedding, linens, and sheets on high heat to kill any bed bug activity; also, steam clean upholstery, carpets, and curtains.

  • Inspect items coming into your home, looking for signs of bed bug activity. This is especially important for secondhand and thrift items like furniture and clothing.

  • Use protective encasements on all box springs and mattresses. This will prevent existing bed bugs from escaping, and prevent new ones from getting in.

If you suspect any bed bug activity in your home and/or business, call us right away. Our team of expert pest technicians will treat your entire property, effectively exterminating all bed bug activity so you can carry on sleeping, undisturbed.


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