Hospital and Nursing Home Pest Control Services

Hospital Pest Control ServicesHealthcare facilities require sanitary conditions to operate. Because of this, the presence of pests is a major concern. Resolution Pest knows what it takes to keep pests out and patients safe. Here’s how we can help with hospital and nursing home pest control:

We Keep your Hospital and Nursing Home Compliant

Controlling the spread of infection and pathogens is a high priority for the administrators of any healthcare facility. Pest control is a key part of this, due to the dangers that pests like mice, bed bugs, ants, and cockroaches pose to the health of patients, employees, and visitors. Because of these concerns, Resolution Pest offers a comprehensive pest control service that provides corrective and preventative pest control services. We know how to assist hospitals and nursing homes meet the stringent pest control standards of the Pennsylvania State Health Department.

We Keep your Hospital and Nursing Home Pest Free

Resolution Pest has worked with hospitals and nursing homes to prevent patient exposure and equipment contamination.

We’re Here to Provide Hospital and Nursing Home Pest Control

We inspect every inch of your property to determine potential risks, devise a plan, and apply environmentally friendly, ethical treatments that won’t cause harm to the people in your facility. Our routine preventative visits are a way for us to monitor your building and apply treatments that keep pests away.

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Hospital and Nursing Home Pest Control Services

Contact Resolution Pest at 610-337-7378 for a free evaluation by one of our trained hospital and nursing home pest control experts.

We will evaluate your hospital or nursing home pest control needs and will keep you informed throughout the process.