Chester County, Pennsylvania
Termite and Pest Control

There’s so much to do outside in Chester County, PA – stroll through a public garden or arboretum, go horseback riding, visit a winery or shop in quaint downtowns. Known for the charming Brandywine Valley, Chester County is a mix of tourist attractions and small towns, each with something special to offer.

If you’re a resident or business owner in Chester County, these outdoor adventures might carry the risk of bringing pests inside.

  • Ants – If you enjoy picnics at the local music festival or seated outside on your deck, make sure they don’t find their way into your basket and back in the house.
  • Ticks – If you have a lot of property with underbrush, it could be harboring ticks. Before you tackle that backyard project, it’s best to consult a professional.
  • Spiders – In the rural settings of Chester County, an old shed or garage could be host to spiders. If you plan to bring boxes or supplies into your home, we can inspect the premises.

With the great number of historical properties in Chester County, you may also be worried about termites. Both termites and carpenter ants can cause structural damage, but they require a different approach. Resolution Pest has licensed pest control technicians who can identify the problem and spot damage at its earliest stages. We can treat an existing problem and/or monitor your property on a regular basis to protect your investment.

If you’re experiencing these or other pest control problems, contact Resolution Pest.

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