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Delaware County, PA is the hub of Philadelphia’s Main Line, an unofficial term describing the western suburbs parallel to Lancaster Avenue. Delco, as it’s also known, has become a shopping and tourist hotspot – not only for trendy food and unique experiences, but also as a proponent of fair trade with a focus on supporting locally-owned small businesses. From yoga studios to cigar shops to old-fashioned toy stores, Delaware County has a delightful mix of places to go.

Businesses in Delaware County can face commercial pest control issues, especially in a downtown area where buildings are connected. Common problems include:

  • Termites – Even if you didn’t have termites when you purchased the building, business owners should protect their investment by having regular inspections to catch problems early.
  • Mice or Rats – The cleanest properties can still have rodent visitors if there are points of entry or you’re unintentionally attracting them.
  • Stinging Insects – Restaurants with awnings or high ceilings in an open space should make sure they regularly check for bee or wasp nests to protect your customers.

For homeowners in Delaware County, common pests include:

  • Mosquitoes – If you have children or pets who play outside in the warm weather, consider a Property Shield Program to keep pests away from your home while keeping loved ones safe from chemicals.
  • Ticks – Always consider a professional inspection if you have property with high grass or forested areas.

Resolution Pest is based in Wayne, PA. We are a family-owned, local business made up of proud Delaware County residents. Let us help you protect your home or business. Call us today at 610-337-7378. We’re right around the corner.

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