DIY Rat Control Tips

How to keep rats and other rodents away


If you have noticed evidence of rats on your property, it is crucial to act quickly and take the necessary rodent control steps. Rats reproduce fast, so you need to immediately stop the infestation in order to protect your home and your health.Here are some tips for DIY rat control.

DIY Rat Control: What Doesn’t Work

Let’s get this out of the way first. Here’s what has been proven to be ineffective in fighting off rat infestations:

  • Mothballs
  • Mint plants and oil
  • Ultrasonic electric device
  • Cats: while many cats are natural rat predators, many are not. There is no surefire way to know before you bring a cat home!

DIY Rat Control: What Does Work

  • First, close up points of entry. Seal cracks and holes in your home’s exterior. For example, steel wool and expanding foam can be used to fill crevices around windows, doors, vents, and pipes. Holes in screen doors and windows can be repaired with patches or easily replaced.
  • Eliminate their outdoor hiding spots. Trim the vegetation in the yard, rake and collect organic debris, and keep grass on the lawn cut short.
  • Cut off their access to food. Store food in airtight plastic or metal containers.¬†Clean food and liquid spills immediately. Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink and take the trash out as often as you can. Store trash in cans with secure lids.
  • Finally, have a professional pest control expert intervene. Unfortunately, the best defense against a rat infestation is to call in some reinforcements. Seasoned exterminators like the ones at Resolution Pest have the experience and tools to successfully combat a rat infestation. Rats are intelligent, resourceful pests that breed rapidly. Therefore, they are difficult to eradicate, even for a professional. So if you’ve noticed a rat problem on your property, time is of the essence. Contact the pros at Resolution Pest today by calling 610-337-7378.

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