How to Choose a Mosquito Repellent

Prevent bites this summer with the right repellent


As summertime approaches, everyone in the area is bracing themselves for the season of mosquito bites. There are topical products on the market that promise to decrease your bites…but how do you decide what to use? Here’s how to choose a mosquito repellent based on the active ingredients they contain.

Mosquito Repellent Types

  • DEET. Considered the most effective topical ingredient that repels mosquitoes, DEET is an active ingredient in many available products. It is approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its proven ability to prevent and reduce mosquito bites. DEET is also popular because it lasts for five to eight hours on the average adult. DEET is safe for use on adults, but due to its toxicity, should be used with care and in low concentrations on children. It can cause skin irritation on some. Additionally, keep in mind that you should never apply DEET on children under the age of two.
  • Picaridin. If you’re unsure about DEET, this is a newer ingredient to the market. Picaridin is said to have the same power as DEET without the negative side effects. Products that use Picaridin as the main active ingredient repels mosquitoes as well as other insects.
  • Naturally occurring extracts. Oils extracted from eucalyptus, tea trees, spearmint, peppermint, and other plants provide natural repelling properties. These oils are ideal for their efficacy as well as the lack of side effects that alternative products cause.
  • Citronella oil. Citronella is another popular ingredient that has long been used to repel mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are drawn to the carbon dioxide on skin, but citronella masks this scent. Because of these masking capabilities, citronella oil is found in a number of insect-repelling candles. It is also used as a topical repellent, but it requires frequent reapplications. Citronella is used in lotions, spray repellents, and towelettes.

Have a Mosquito Problem?

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