How to Keep Ants out this Spring

Prevent an infestation


Like clockwork, ants emerge from their nests to ravage homes each spring. This is the time of year that the ants end their hibernation period and emerge, looking for food and water. They also seek warmth during cold nights and shelter during hot, sunny days. Avoid letting ants use your home for these purposes by knowing how to act. There are a few things you can do to discourage an ant infestation.┬áHere’s how to keep ants out this spring.


Borax is a bicarbonate solution containing boric acid. Though it’s usually used as laundry detergent, it has been found to be an effective insecticide for ants. Mix Borax, sugar, and water and sprinkle it around the house where you’ve seen ants.


Ants are repelled by vinegar, so try including it in a solution that you place around the house. Just mix equal parts vinegar and water and sprinkle it around kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

Seal the Entries

Check the edges of windows and doors for cracks, crevices, and other places ants might be using to sneak inside. Once you locate a potential point of entry, seal it with petroleum jelly or create a barrier of baby powder or chalk nearby to deter ants from crossing it on the way into your home.

Find the Nest and Act

When you locate the ant nest that appears to be the source of your infestation, sprinkle diatomaceous earth or Borax over it. Both of these materials are highly abrasive and scratch the ants, dehydrating and killing them.

Seal Food

Ants seek food, so keeping your food (pet food included) tightly sealed helps prevent ants from descending on your kitchen. Keep food stored in containers with air-tight seals.

Keep Ants Out with our Help

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