How to Keep Spiders Out of the House

Make your place less appealing to spiders


A common subject of a certain kind of phobia, spiders are beneficial insects that often find their way indoors, striking fear into many of the structure’s human inhabitants. There are things you can do to prevent an infestation of this eight-legged pest. Read on to learn how to keep spiders out of your house.

Keep Vegetation Trimmed

Spiders use outdoor vegetation as a place to hide. Try to avoid letting tree limbs, bushes, mulch, and other types of outdoor debris from touching the exterior of your home.

Close their Entry Points

Do a perimeter check and seal any potential entryways (no matter how seemingly small they are). Use caulk, steel wool, and other applicable materials to seal the gaps, cracks, holes, and crevices you find. Some common places you might find points of entry are around door and window moldings, window screens, pipes, vents, electrical cables, and chimneys.

Keep Spider Prey Away

Spiders feed on other insects, so keeping ants, moths, and other pests away helps prevent spiders from finding their way to your home. Keep outdoor lights off at night. Also, keep a clean, clutter-free home to ensure that spiders won’t find their next meal at your place.

Vacuum Often

Not only does vacuuming help keep away spider prey, but it helps you keep an eye out for spiders, spider webs, and spider eggs. Vacuuming these when you see them is effective in lowering a spider population.

Let them Live

As mentioned previously, spiders are a beneficial “pest.” Although they might be scary in appearance to some, they kill other pests that could pose an actual threat to humans. Instead of squashing a spider under your shoe, trap it under a cup and take it outside. Then be sure to do the perimeter check and seal points of entry to prevent it from coming back in.

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