How to Keep Ticks Off this Summer

Tips for a safe, tick-free outdoor season


Summer is the time for swimming, BBQs, and soaking up the sun outside. Unfortunately, it’s also the time of year you’re at a higher risk of a tick bite. Tick bites can be a dangerous occurrence, especially if the tick is carrying a disease. There are a number of ways to minimize your chances of being bitten.┬áHere’s how to keep ticks off this summer.

Cover your Skin

Covering your skin with clothing is the best way to keep ticks from sinking into your skin. Long pants, long sleeves, and tall socks are found to be effective. Of course, when temperatures reach scorching-hot highs, this method is a far less appealing option than others. Light-colored clothes make it easier to spot ticks, so consider wearing lighter hues when you’re outside.


While DEET is the go-to repellent for mosquitoes and a number of insect pests, products with permethrin and pyrethrins are most recommended for repelling and killing ticks. Look for these words on the label of the product you’re looking to buy.

Clear Vegetation

Because ticks prefer bushy, overgrown areas, you might want to adjust your landscaping. Keep your lawn mowed, choose plants that don’t attract wild animals (deer, rodents, etc.), and keep your overgrown vegetation trimmed back and away from the house. Try to discourage your pets from approaching woody areas with tall grass, too.

Check your Pets

If a tick has found its way onto your pet, there’s a chance it can move on to someone else in the household. Perform regular inspections of your pet’s fur to prevent your pet from being bitten and to find ticks before they can find a human host in your house. Try using a preventative flea and tick shampoo on your pets to help repel pests.

Keep Ticks Off with our Help

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