How to Prevent Mice this Fall

Keep Mice Out of Your Home when the Temperatures Drop


Mice are tiny rodents that work their way into your home in the cold days of fall and winter. Once they’re inside, it’s hard to get them out. These rodents leave behind disease-filled droppings and gnaw on your things, which can cause property damage and fire hazards. Mouse bites are also a source of disease and their fur can carry parasites like fleas and ticks, which can affect you in other detrimental ways and their fur can trigger allergic reactions to people with allergies in your home. Here’s how to prevent mice from infesting your home.

Mouse Prevention Tips

Mice enter your home once the weather gets cold for the same reasons humans spend time inside: they need warmth, shelter, food, and water. Mice find the tiniest cracks and crevices in your home’s exterior and use that to gain entry. Here’s what to do to prevent these revolting rodents:

  • Seal up potential points of entry: close exterior holes, cracks, and other open spaces in your home’s exterior. any exterior cracks or holes in your home. Pay attention to wood moldings, vents, piping, door sweeps, and screen doors and windows.
  • Cut off their water supply: as mentioned before, mice need water to survive. Eliminate potential water sources by fixing leaky pipes, unclogging drains, and adding ventilation to rooms that tend to be humid.
  • Cut off their food supply: mice defecate and urinate as they walk, which means it’s a huge problem when they get near your food. Keep your food safe from them by investing in proper storage solutions. Airtight containers are a great option, because mice can readily tear into cardboard boxes and plastic bags. It’s also helpful to leave out dirty dishes and take trash outside often.
  • Clear clutter: once inside, mice create nests to live and breed in. Anything from cardboard boxes to newspaper piles to clothing can be used as a rodent nest. Keeping your floors clean creates fewer options for mice looking to nest.

Take Action to Prevent Mice

Because of the diseases they carry and the property damage they can cause, mice are a danger to have in your house. Keep them out of your house with the help of an experienced team of pest professionals, like Resolution Pest. We’re well-versed in eradicating mouse infestations and other rodent problems. Contact us today by calling 610-337-7378.

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