How to Prevent Mosquito Bites

Protect yourself this spring and summer


Winter’s wound down, which means spring has sprung! This means warmer weather, outdoor cookouts, and… mosquitoes. Don’t avoid going outside when mosquito season begins! There are things you can do to spare your skin. Read on to learn how to prevent mosquito bites.

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites

  • Dress smart: wear lightly colored clothing with a tight weave that mosquitoes can’t penetrate. Long sleeves, pants, and socks are a wise move, too.
  • Good timing: mosquitoes are most active at dawn and dusk. Stay indoors during these times.
  • Blow them away: mosquitoes are weak flyers. Use a fan to keep them off of you. Mosquitoes fly close to the ground, so point the fan toward your legs.
  • Treat yourself: apply a mosquito repellent to your skin. DEET has been proven most effective against mosquitoes. Apply it to the places on your body that are the most exposed: ankles, shins, forehead, wrists, and wherever else you’re usually bitten.
  • Dry them out: mosquitoes are attracted to stagnant, standing water. This is where they breed and lay their eggs. Removing standing water from your property makes it less appealing to mosquitoes, which cuts down on your bites. Overturn planting pots, baby pools, and other places where rainwater collects. Be sure to change birdbath water regularly.
  • Call the pros: Resolution Pest wants you to be able to enjoy the outdoors this summer. We offer a Mosquito Treatment program. This program reduces your property’s mosquito population—and your chances of being bitten—by creating a mosquito barrier. Our summer program includes a thorough application of spray over the perimeter and prime points, including trees, bushes, and shrubs. These treatments give 21 days to a month of protection. We perform our applications accordingly, weather permitting. This application schedule takes the mosquito life cycle into account as well as the natural breakdown of the treatment. Want to learn more? Contact us today by calling 610-337-7378 to talk or to schedule a free estimate.

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