How to Remove Ticks From the Skin

Protect yourself from ticks this spring and summer


Spring and summer mean a lot of outdoor time, meaning you’re more exposed to ticks. If you’ve spotted a tick embedded in your skin, it’s important to remove it immediately to prevent your risk of Lyme disease. Believe it or not, there are wrong ways to do this. Here’s how to properly remove ticks from the skin.

How to Remove Ticks from Your Skin

You’ll need a pair of tweezers, soap and water, a cotton ball, and rubbing alcohol.

  • First, grab the tick by the head with the tweezers. Try to get as close to the skin as you can.
  • In one smooth motion, firmly pull the tick out of the skin. Avoid yanking or twisting, as this can cause the tick to break apart.
  • Next, place the tick in a piece of tape or in a plastic bag in case you need to show it to your doctor later.
  • Now wash your hands with warm water and soap. Wash the bite site as well.
  • Dip your cotton ball into the rubbing alcohol and swab the site of the tick bite to sanitize your skin.
  • Finally, wait it out. Diseases from tick bites take about 48 hours to show up, so keep the tick handy in case you start showing symptoms. If you do, call your doctor and be sure to bring the tick with you to your appointment. If you test positive for Lyme disease, doctors typically prescribe antibiotics.
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