How to Repair Termite Damage

What to do after a termite infestation is resolved


Once a structure is compromised by termite damage, repair is a must. Once it is confirmed that the termite infestation is over, a thorough inspection must be conducted to locate places where the structural integrity of a building has been compromised. Read on to learn more about repairing termite damage.

Where to Look for Termite Damage

Termites hollow out load-bearing structures in short periods of time. They particularly love materials that contain cellulose, which is a major component of wood. Here are a few examples of trouble areas:

  • Floorboards
  • Floor joists
  • Beams
  • Plywood
  • Cabinets
  • Wood furniture
  • Roof sheathing
  • Rafters
  • Door and sill frames

How to Repair Termite Damage

  • Wood hardeners/fillers:  minimal termite damage can be remedied with a wood hardener. Designed to fill in small cracks and gaps in wood, wood hardeners come in colors that match the wood you are repairing. More severely damaged wood calls for wood fillers. This puddy-like product fills in larger gaps and can be sanded down to mimic the smooth surface of the wood. Check the wood as the seasons come and go, as different weather conditions cause wood to expand and contract, potentially causing more damage.
  • Sistering: when a piece of wood is sagging, adding support with an additional piece of wood or other supportive material can help protect its integrity.  Often, the best way to do this is to fasten a similar piece of wood to the gutted one to provide added support.
  • Wood replacement: unfortunately, severe wood damage needs wood replacement. This is a lengthy, detailed project that requires skilled tradesmen to complete. Carpenters, electricians, and more must work together to install new wood without disrupting your structure’s wiring.

Call the Pros

The seasoned experts at Resolution Pest are skilled at tackling termite infestations and confirming that they’ve been solved so you can start on repairs. If you suspect a termite infestation, contact us today by calling 610-337-7378 to schedule a free consultation.


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