How to Spot Termite Activity

Be wary of the signs of wood-boring insects

termite damaged

Termites are a destructive insect that cause millions of dollars worth of property damage every year. Termites feed on the wood inside a structure. This means they often go undetected until the bulk of their damage is done. Therefore, it’s imperative that you take action at the first sign of termite activity. Read on to learn how to spot termite activity.

Termite Activity

Any or all of the following signs can point to termite activity:

  • Look for damaged drywall. Damaged drywall can have droopy, discolored, or have tiny holes in it about the size of a pinpoint. Peeling paint is another possible sign.
  • Sagging, buckling, or squeaky wooden floors can indicate termite damage.
  • Excavated wood indicates activity. Test this out by tapping on the wood molding and baseboards in your home. If it sounds hollow, it could mean trouble.
  • Termites make audible taps from inside your walls to communicate with each other. They do this by banging their heads against wood.
  • Small piles that resemble coffee grounds, ground pepper, or sawdust could actually be frass, or termite waste. Termites gnaw through wood, creating tunnels. As they move, they poke small holes to push out their frass.
  • The discarded wings of swarmers (the termites that reproduce) are one of the most common signs of termites. Swarmers shed their wings after mating. This indication should be taken seriously. Call call a pest professional immediately upon seeing discarded termite wings.
  • Mud tubes are created by termites for protection as they travel to find food. Made of wood and soil, these tubes are another reason to call an exterminator immediately.

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