How to Spot Termite Activity

What to look for when you suspect an infestation


Termite damage can wreak havoc on your structure’s integrity. Prevent your home from being a swarm of termites’ next meal by knowing what to look for. There are a number of signs that termites could be lurking within the walls of your home or business. Familiarizing yourself with these signs is half the battle. Acting fast once you spot any or all of these signs is the other. Here’s how to spot signs of termite activity.

Signs of Termite Activity

  • Wood Damage: the most infamous sign of termite activity, spotting wood damage most likely means that your infestation is advancing rapidly. Termites feed on the soft wood within a structure. Confirming that your wood has been damaged is no simple task because it usually exists behind the walls and is not visible from the inside of a structure. As termites feed, they eat away at the wood’s integrity. A way to test for this is to tap on the wood and listen for an echo you’d expect from hollowed wood.
  • Mud Tubes: constructed of a combination of feces and organic matter like plant debris, termites build mud tubes along the foundation of buildings, along walls, and in other areas as a way to travel to find their next meal while staying protected from the elements.
  • Discarded Wings: when swarmer termites are ready to breed, they leave their colonies in large groups as they search for termites to mate with. When you spot these insects, it indicates that an active colony is somewhere close by. Swarmers emerge during daylight and are only briefly out in the open, so it might be hard to catch them in the act. They do, however, leave behind shed wings, which is a major sign of termite activity.

What to Do

Call in the help of a pest professional immediately when you see the signs of a termite infestation. Contact the pros at Resolution Pest today at 610-337-7378 to schedule a free consultation. You can also learn more about our termite inspections and Wood Destroying Insect Reports here.

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