How to Stop a Mice Infestation

Prevent mice from moving in this winter


Mice might look cute — but don’t be fooled. These small rodents spread bacteria and disease. They also cause property damage and can even create a fire hazard by chewing on electrical cords. Though mice are difficult to control, it is possible to successfully treat a mice infestation. Read on to learn more.

Stopping a Mice Infestation

  • Use mouse traps. Snap traps are an effective, non-lethal (humane) option that allows you to relocate the mouse instead of having to kill it. Locate the most high-traffic mouse area in your home (usually wherever you see the most mouse droppings) and place them on the floor along the wall. Mice tend to stick close to the walls when they travel, using established paths every time. Bait the trap with peanut butter or cheese, replacing the bait every day.
  • Prevention is another important aspect in maintaining a mouse-free home. Keeping a clean kitchen is vital. Clean spills immediately, store food in air-tight containers, and avoid leaving food out in the open. Mice are like humans; they need food and water to survive. Cutting off their food supply is a must. You can cut off their water supply by repairing leaky pipes and unclogging drains. You also want to seal potential points of entry. Mice get cold once fall and winter temperatures set in, so they look to houses for a place to stay warm and dry. They can enter your home through holes as small as a dime! Repair holes in the walls, foundation, screens, wood moldings, and near pipes and vents. Keep clutter to a minimum, too, in order to eliminate potential hiding places.
  • In many instances, the mouse population is so large that the services of a professional exterminator are necessary. The team of pest professionals at Resolution Pest are experienced in fighting mice infestations in the area. Contact us today by calling 610-337-7378 to schedule a free estimate.

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