Keep Ticks Off Your Pets This Summer


Ticks and the diseases they carry present a danger to you as well as your pets. This summer, when you’re spending more time outside, don’t worry about ticks biting your four-legged pals. Instead, take action to reduce their chances of being bitten. Read on for some tips on how to keep ticks off your pets this summer.

Pest Repellent

There are a number of products on the market designed to keep ticks from biting your pets. The most popular products require monthly applications that involve putting a preventative solution on the skin at the back of your pet’s neck. Follow the directions on the package to ensure a safe treatment for you and your pet.

Perform Regular Inspections

After your pet has been outside, comb through your its fur to find any ticks that might have latched on. You should also part the fur in order to examine the skin. Pay special attention to the ears, behind the legs, and the head.

Fur Control

Check your local pet store for tick-repellant collars and special tick-preventative shampoos. Be sure to carefully follow the directions on the packaging for both products.

Keep Vegetation Under Control

Tall grass, weeds, and bushy areas are popular hiding spots and breeding grounds for ticks. If you can, keep your pets out of these types of environments. Mow the grass on your lawn as short as you can without harming it.

Keep Your Pet Groomed

Long fur is easier for a tick to latch onto. If your pet has fur that can be shaved short, then do it. This also helps them deal with the summer heat. If your pet already has a shorter coat, keep it trimmed as close as possible to prevent sneaky hitchhiking pests from taking up residence on your pet.

Treat Your Lawn: Keep Ticks Off Your Pets This Summer With Our Help

The pest professionals at Resolution Pest want to help you keep your pets safe this summer. We offer a preventative program designed to create a barrier around your property, shielding it from ticks and keeping you and your furry friends safe. Find out more by calling 610-337-7378 to schedule a free estimate.

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