Learn the Signs of Bed Bugs

How to spot an infestation


Bed bugs are a serious pest that can be hard to get rid of — especially if you wait too long to deal with it. Bed bugs breed rapidly, so the longer you wait, the larger the population multiplies. This ends up being a large inconvenience, as well as a large hit to your wallet. Because bed bugs are nocturnal, people are usually sleeping when they’re active. This makes it difficult to catch them in the act. Therefore, you should become familiar with the evidence they leave behind. Read on to learn some of the most obvious signs of bed bugs.

Signs of Bed Bugs

  • The bite: most people don’t notice it when the actual bed bug bite takes place because the bites are generally painless. most people do suffer an allergic reaction to the bed bugs’ saliva once it’s injected in the skin. This allergic reaction causes red, swollen welts that are itchy and usually occur on exposed skin. The face, neck, shoulders, arms, and legs are often the most affected. Bites usually occur in straight rows.
  • The scent: heavily infested areas often have a musty, yet sweet odor emitting from the scent glands of the bed bugs.
  • Blood stains: as the bed bugs feed, you might notice blood on your bed linens the next morning.
  • Excrement: bed bugs leave fecal spots during their activity, which is noticeable the next day. These fecal spots are dark red or rusty in color and are typically left on the bed or nearby.
  • Egg shells: although difficult to spot with the naked eye (bed bug egg shells are only about 1mm in diameter and light yellow in color), eggs are often left behind.
  • Shed skins: well-established bed bug infestations often result in shed skins scattered around affected areas. These skins are left behind as larvae molt their skin in their development to adulthood.

Call in the Experts

If you see any of these bed bug signs on your property, the time to act is now. Seek out the professional services of pest professionals, like the team at Resolution Pest. Give us a call today at 610-337-7378 to schedule a free estimate and we’ll get to work eradicating the bed bug infestation in your home or business.

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