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Widely recognized as one of the hippest Philly suburbs, Ardmore is a stop on the Main Line, located just outside of Philadelphia. Boasting a mix of old and new, Ardmore has historically significant architecture as well as some hot new bars, restaurants, and retail. The Suburban Square outdoor shopping destination is in the center of the action, with well-maintained parks and playgrounds located throughout the community. Ardmore’s retail, food, and drink scenes are great reasons to visit. The highly ranked schools are a great reason to live there.

Ardmore Pest Control

Much of Ardmore has an urban vibe. With this city feel comes the heightened risk of pest infestations. Some pests common to homes and businesses in Ardmore include:

  • Mice: the suburban/urban environment of Ardmore is just what mice are looking for. Dense populations and smaller property lots mean more opportunity for food, water, and shelter.
  • Spiders and Silverfish: the older homes in Ardmore are ideal places for creepy crawlies to nest. Because spiders and silverfish like dark, private places, they often seek refuge in dingy basements, attics, and crawl spaces.

Ardmore Termite Control

Termites pose an immediate threat to your biggest investment–your property. Prevent irreparable destruction by committing to regularly scheduled inspections and monitoring to ensure your property doesn’t fall victim to termites.

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