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Gladwyne, PA Termite and Pest Control

An affluent suburb in Montgomery County, PA, Gladwyne is a suburban haven just minutes from Philadelphia city limits. Located on the Philadelphia Main Line, Gladwyne is a picturesque mix of mansions, horse trails, and a charming town center. This well-planned community enjoys a rich, well-preserved history, tight-knit community, and coveted school district.

Gladwyne Pest Control

Gladwyne is known for its well-manicured lawns and impeccable homes. Pest issues can spread rapidly to a neighbor’s property and compromise their structures. Prevent this from occurring by preventing issues before they materialize. Some particularly pesky Gladwyne pests include:

  • Bees and Wasps: the elaborate, historical homes of Gladwyne hold a special allure for stinging insects. Here they find architectural features ideal for building nests. Some favorite spots include eaves, overhangs, and gables.
  • Mice: many of Gladwyne’s sprawling properties have forests and overgrown vegetation surrounding them. These conditions are a popular place for mice to hide.

Gladwyne Termite Control

Because of the way they were built, older homes are the most vulnerable to termite infestations. Termites do significant damage in very little time, so routinely scheduled termite inspections are a wise way to protect your investment.

Resolve to Be Pest Free

Resolution Pest is proud to offer its exclusive Property Shield Program. This preventative program keeps pests away, but we are happy to come by to deal with any pest issues that arise in the meantime. So contact us today at 610-337-7378 for a quote or to find out about our quarterly pest treatment and inspection program.

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