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King of Prussia, PA Termite and Pest Control

Known for its namesake mall as well as its unusual name, King of Prussia, PA is a suburb of Philadelphia in Montgomery County. The town of King of Prussia is a major point of transportation, commerce, and hospitality. Located at the meeting point of four major highways, King of Prussia boasts a central location that is home to the largest commercial shopping mall in the country as well as a hub of new development.

King of Prussia Pest Control

Because it’s such a desirable place to live, pests seem to flock to King of Prussia as fast as its population increases. Here are some repeat offenders:

  • Bed Bugs: travelers often bring this unwanted luggage with them. King of Prussia’s numerous hotels mean an increased potential of bed bug exposure.
  • Cockroaches: the high number of multi-family homes and commercial properties make King of Prussia especially vulnerable to a cockroach infestation.

King of Prussia Pest Control

Termites cause major destruction to homes and businesses, often before the owners become aware of their presence. This is why regular inspections are imperative for every property owner. Even new homes require early detection in order to treat new issues.

Resolve to Be Pest Free

Because we’re a locally owned business, the professionals at Resolution Pest are familiar with the pest-related challenges unique to King of Prussia. This is particularly true in the case of commercial properties. Take our pest control for commercial property owners, based on the principles of Integrated Pest Management, for example. This program ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and local health codes. We won’t rest until your property is safe and pest free. Contact Resolution Pest at 610-337-7378 for a quote today.

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