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Newtown Square, PA Termite and Pest Control

Newtown Square is a Delaware County suburb with a lot to offer. With residential and commercial properties in spades, it has become a highly sought-after place to live and work. The homes range from sprawling farms to luxurious townhomes to everything in between. Open land and numerous parks make Newtown Square a popular place to raise a family as well as start a business. Ellis Preserve, a planned retail, residential, and commercial development is home to a number of corporate headquarters. For suburban comforts and convenience, look no further than Newtown Square.

Newtown Square Pest Control

There are a number of factors in Newtown Square that can contribute to a pest problem. Here are just a few to keep in mind:

  • Bees and Wasps: bees and wasps look to build their nests in residential areas with gardens and private corners. Because so many people and pets are allergic to their stings, it’s vital to call in the pros to deal with a nest.
  • Ants: no home is immune. If there’s even the tiniest way in, an ant will find it and the rest of the workers in its colony will follow. Prevention is your best weapon in defending your home or business from ant infestation.

Newtown Square Termite Control

Termites: many of the older homes in Newtown Square have trees close to the property. This combination increases the odds of a termite infestation. Unfortunately, termite control is one of the most common issues we treat.

Resolve to Be Pest Free

Resolution Pest fights off infestations, one pest at a time. We quickly eliminate pest-related issues without using toxic chemicals. Our family-owned company’s mission is to provide efficient service and eco-friendly solutions. So contact Resolution Pest today at 610-337-7378 to find out how we can keep your home pest-free.

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