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Wynnewood, PA Termite and Pest Control

Just a stone’s throw from Philadelphia’s city limits, Wynnewood, PA offers a convenient commute and a pristine suburban setting. This affluent town is along the Main Line, a community of western-Philadelphia suburbs situated along the old “Main Line” of the Pennsylvania Railroad system. Wynnewood is known for its impressive residential architecture, retail offerings, and revered school system.

Wynnewood Pest Control

Old homes like the ones found in Wynnewood are vulnerable to certain pest infestations, like:

  • Ants: every structure is susceptible to an ant infestation; even the well-maintained homes of this upscale town. Ants are clever creatures that fit into tiny spaces—and that includes the houses and businesses of Wynnewood.
  • Bees and Wasps: Wynnewood’s landscaping and gardens are gorgeous, but they attract bees, wasps, and other stinging insects looking to pollinate. This means the increased likelihood of nests being built near your home or business.

Wynnewood Termite Control

Older homes (of which Wynnewood has an abundance) were built without the benefits of today’s termite-resistant building technologies. The older the structure, the higher the probability is that termites have already begun to ravage it from the inside out.

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Resolution Pest stresses the importance of preventative maintenance to ensure that none of these issues affect you. We are happy to help reduce your chances of an infestation or spot evidence of pest activity. We know how to end to infestations with environmentally conscious and toxic-free solutions. At Resolution Pest, we know you can be pest-free without relying on chemicals. Call today for a free quote at 610-337-7378.

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