Pest Control in Schools

How to protect your students and faculty from pests


Because of their cafeterias and large populations, schools have long been a popular place for pests to congregate. Getting rid of these pesky critters while keeping your student body safe is a challenge, though. Read on to learn more about common pests in schools and how to prevent them.

Rodents and Insects

Cafeterias, kitchenettes, and snack areas are high-risk areas for pests, especially rodents and insects. Make sure to immediately throw discarded food into trash cans with lids. Store food in airtight containers. Keeping food inaccessible makes your food-prep areas less desirable to pests.

Bed Bugs

Most prevalent in boarding schools and universities, bed bugs are an issue everywhere. Bed bugs cling to the fibers of luggage and clothing as they hitchhike their way into dorms. Here, they make their home in your bed so they can feast on your blood at night. Bed bugs present a difficult, unique challenge that requires the aid of an exterminator.


Pesticides (including insecticides and rodenticides) are often toxic and can cause allergic reactions, asthma, nervous system damage, and kidney and liver damage when inhaled. This presents a problem when treating for pests. The best alternative to these chemicals is to take preventative measures. Sealing food is just the start. It’s also important to seal points of entry. To do this, examine the perimeter of the building for holes and cracks in foundation, moldings, and windows. Fix leaky pipes and places where water tends to sit. If you take these precautions and your pest problem continues, try glue traps and baited rodent traps. If all else fails, low-toxicity pesticides should be applied.

Pest Control in Schools

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