Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug TreatmentThe Pest: Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have become an epidemic in the United States. The scourge of the hospitality industry, they have begun infesting an ever-increasing number of private homes, too. They invade homes and businesses by hitchhiking onto host bodies to get indoors. Once inside, these pests multiply fast and hide, making them incredibly hard to kill. The peskiest of parasites, these bugs leave nasty bites on their hosts and messy brown stains on mattresses and sheets. But don’t let their name fool you; bed bugs are not confined to your bedding. They hide in floors, carpets, electrical sockets, luggage, and furniture before feasting on humans at night. Bed bugs are able to remain in their hiding places for extended periods of time. Because of this, finding a successful bed bug treatment is a difficult process that requires a lot of patience.

The Resolution: Bed Bug Treatment

Even the most seasoned pest professionals battle to successfully combat bed bug infestations. Multiple treatments involving a variety of different solutions and techniques are usually necessary to completely eradicate a bed bug population. Resolution Pest is up to the challenge, and we have a three-pronged approach in our arsenal that has been proven effective time and again. We identify the source, resolve the problem, and prevent future infestations. So act immediately at the first sign of a bed bug problem. Take action by calling Resolution Pest today!

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Bed Bug Treatment

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