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TickThe Pest: Fleas and Ticks

Flea and tick infestations are not exclusive to dog and cat owners. These pesky parasites are equal-opportunity offenders that want to latch onto you and feed on your blood. These pests live outdoors, so this is where they sneak onto your clothing and eventually come inside with you as they make their way to your skin. Ticks are present year-round, but are most plentiful in summer and can spread Lyme disease and other diseases. Fleas are most prevalent in August and September. These tiny pests leave pesky bites as well as a trail of debris that causes an allergic reaction to humans and pets, both of which result in unpleasant itching. Both pests are resilient creatures, so flea and tick control is often a challenge.

The Resolution: Flea and Tick Control

Resolution Pest is well aware of how prevalent fleas and ticks are to this area. Our Property Shield program includes perimeter treatments to prevent these parasitic pests from hitching a ride into your home or business. Through our flea and tick control program, we resolve to keep you safe.¬†We’ll visit your property on the occasion that you see a surge in the flea and tick population.

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