Mosquito Control Services

Mosquito controlThe Pest: Mosquitoes

We can all agree: mosquito bites are a pain! The presence of mosquitoes is a surefire way to ruin a nice night sitting on your porch or dining al fresco. There are more than 200 types of mosquitoes in North America alone. Nowadays, concern has hit a fever pitch. The already-prevalent West Nile virus coupled with the newer threat of Zika virus has the tri-state region concerned. Female mosquitoes are the kind that likes to feast on your family and pets, potentially spreading disease (and causing major annoyances) along the way. Because these buzzing pests are attracted to so many different things, mosquito control is a challenge when you attempt it yourself.

The Resolution: Mosquito Control

Resolution Pest wants you to be able to go outside and enjoy the outdoors this summer. We offer a Mosquito Treatment program. This program reduces your property’s mosquito population—and your chances of being bitten—by creating a mosquito barrier. Our summer program includes a thorough application of spray over the perimeter and prime points, including trees, bushes, and shrubs. These treatments give 21 days to a month of protection. We perform our applications accordingly, weather permitting. This application schedule takes the mosquito life cycle into account as well as the natural breakdown of the treatment.

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Mosquito Control Services

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