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A mouse might seem cute when it’s just one mouse you’re looking at, but take it from us: there’s never just one mouse. These tiny rodents are able to contract their bodies to fit into small places. This means that if there’s a hole in your wall the size of a dime, a mouse is able to fit through and gain entry to your house or business.

Not only do mice leave unsightly droppings around, they snack on your food, nest in your belongings, and gnaw on your things—including electrical wires, which presents a fire hazard. Mice also commonly carry dozens—sometimes hundreds—of deer ticks, which easily hitch a ride to your yard or into your home. Mice have proven to be a major vector for the transmission of Lyme disease to humans.


Rats are intelligent animals that can easily evade poisonous bait or traps. They’re also abundant; one litter can produce up to 12 baby rats! These repugnant rodents can climb, swim, burrow, jump, and run, making them a difficult mark when it comes to pest control. Most common in rural and urban settings, a rat infestation often means structural damage and/or crop damage. They leave their waste behind, causing unsanitary living conditions and can spread disease when they bite humans and pets.

There are two types of rats common to our area:

  • Norway Rats: also known as a sewer rat or brown rat. These rats have coarse fur, a thick, husky body, and a tail that is shorter than its body.
  • Roof Rats: also known as black rats, this type of rat is smaller and more slender than the Norway rat and has a longer tail. This rat is a skilled climber and tends to nest in more elevated areas, like trees and shrubs or attics and crawl spaces.

The Resolution: Rodent Control

Resolution Pest resolves to remove rodents from your property with our three-part Property Shield program for rodents. Designed to help protect your structure from rats and mice, step one involves the inspection of your home or business for nests, damage, and points of entry. Step two includes our recommendations for prevention. Step three, if necessary, deals with your existing rodent problem. During this step, we deploy a targeted system of baiting and trapping to remove the population.

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Rodent Control Services

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