Spider Control Services

House spiderThe Pest: Spiders

Most likely they’re the first thing you picture when you hear the term “creepy crawly.” Spiders have long been the subject of nightmares, and they’re not exactly winning any popularity contests nowadays, either. These eight-legged creatures are typically found outdoors, but when they find their way into your home, it becomes a problem that can result in spider bites, messy webs, or just freak out an entire family. Spider control is often a question of prevention.

The Resolution: Spider Control

Resolution Pest’s popular Property Shield program stops spiders from penetrating your home or commercial building’s exterior in the first place. If you do see more spiders than you’re comfortable with, give us a call and we’ll pay you a visit. If you’re not enrolled in a program, we’ll provide you with options. You’ll choose between a quote for a one-time visit or enrollment in our Property Shield program.

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Spider Control Services

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