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Stinging Insects

Yellow Jacket on nestThe Pest: Stinging Insects

Bees and wasps are only a few of Pennsylvania’s local stinging insect offenders. These flying pests make their homes below ground or at elevations up to 15’ high. Nests can be found on fences, buildings, rafters, and trees. Stinging insects pose one of the most immediate threats of all pests, due to their painful stings. Many bee and wasp stings are also dangerous. A number of humans and pets are highly allergic to these stings. Therefore, bee and wasp removal should be left to the experts rather than attempting to do it yourself.

The Resolution: Bee and Wasp Removal and Control Services

Our pest experts resolve to make your property, family, and employees safe from the threat of stinging insects. We’re the ones to call because we know how to deal with paper wasps, yellow jackets, bald-faced hornets, carpenter bees, and more. Resolution Pest’s quarterly Property Shield program includes the search for—and subsequent treatment of—any visible hives and nests. Call us if you’re enrolled in our Property Shield program and see stinging insects on your property. We come and exterminate them, free of charge, at heights of up to two stories. Or, if you’re not currently enrolled, we’ll happily provide you with a quote for a one-time service visit. You can also ask about enrollment in our Property Shield program for ongoing protection from stinging insects.

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Stinging Insects Control Services

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