Pest Spotlight: Silverfish Facts

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Silverfish are tiny insects known for the property damage they cause when they infest a home or business. So, how familiar are you with this common silvery-blue pest? Here are a few fascinating silverfish facts you might not know.

Silverfish Facts

  • It is estimated that silverfish have been around for more than 400 million years.
  • Ever wonder how these insects got their name? Silverfish wiggle their bodies in a side-by-side motion when they run, creating a movement that resembles a swimming fish. They also have silvery scales on their bodies, lending them the name “silverfish.”
  • Silverfish are not venomous and do not prey on other insects or bite humans. Instead, they feed on common household items.
  • Silverfish feed on starches, sugars, and proteins for survival. Unfortunately, the average home or office is full of items they can eat. Some of their meals of choice include fabrics like linen, silk, and carpeting;  paper products like books, photos, and cardboard; food items like toothpaste, pasta, and sugar; and other non-food items like plaster, soap, shampoo, and glue just to name a few!
  • Like humans, silverfish need water to survive, too. Therefore, they’re mostly drawn to damp, humid places like bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, basements, and areas with poor plumbing.
  • Because they thrive in damp places, an influx of silverfish might be an indication of a water damage issue or even mold.
  • Silverfish are nocturnal, so you might not be able catch them in the act as they destroy your possessions. The way you’ll most likely detect a silverfish infestation is by noticing the damage they cause to your things in the daylight.

Silverfish Treatments

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