Restaurant Pests: A Prevention Guide

How to keep pests out of your commercial kitchen


Pests seek out restaurants when in search of the food, shelter, and water they need in order to survive. The presence of pests in a restaurant can adversely affect the bottom line of the business. A bad health inspection can give the restaurant a low grade (which is made available to the public) and can even get it temporarily shut down. It is vital for restaurant management to keep on top of pest prevention to ensure the restaurant’s success. Read on to learn a few tips for preventing restaurant pests.

Prevent Restaurant Pests

Roaches, flies, and rodents are the most common restaurant pests. Here’s how to prevent each of them:

  • Roaches: apply roach baits. The place to do this is where roaches (or their excrement) has been sighted. Start with small cracks in walls and baseboards. The continue by applying insecticides to cracks and crevices near vents and plumbing pipes. Roaches seek out these humid spots.
  • Flies: keep your gutters cleaned out and your sink drains unclogged. Roaches seek out moisture, so these are popular places for pests to gather.
  • Rodents: keep rodent bait stations near your dumpster area. They should also be set up along outdoor structure walls to kill outdoor rodents trying to get in. Keep your restaurant’s dumpster areas as clean as possible and close lids securely.

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