Summertime Ant Control Tips

Keep ants outside where they belong


Ants can invade your home at any time of year, but summer and spring are an especially active time of the year for these hungry insects. Find out why they seem to turn up in your home every summer and what you can do about it by reading on to learn more about summertime ant control.

What they Want

Ants are active in the warm months of summer because it’s the best time to forage for food. They seek food and water, making your home or business a haven for their survival. Once they’ve found a messy kitchen, they take the food they’ve found back to feed their colony.

Prevent Kitchen Capers

  • First and foremost, it’s vital that you keep a clean kitchen. Clean crumbs, spilled food, and dirty dishes immediately to avoid attracting ants.
  • Keep food off the counters by storing fruits and veggies inside the fridge.
  • Ants need water to survive, so unclog pipes, fix leaky pipes, and address any other plumbing issues immediately.
  • Clean pet food and water dishes regularly. Change water bowls daily.
  • Store food (especially grains and starches) in tightly sealed containers with securely fitted lids.
  • Take out the garbage on a regular basis instead of letting it pile up.

Pay Attention to the Exterior

  • Seal cracks, crevices, holes, and gaps in the building’s exterior, windows, and screens with steel wool, caulk, weather stripping, mortar, and other sealants as needed.
  • Stay vigilant about overgrown vegetation. Shrubs, bushes, trees, and other plants should be trimmed regularly to keep them from brushing against the outside of the structure.

Summertime Ant Control

A pest control professional can identify which speciesĀ of ant has infested your home and prescribe the most appropriate treatment for helping remove them from your property. Let Resolution Pest come to the rescue! Our experienced team of pest control experts is ready and able to help you defeat your ant invasion so you can enjoy a pest-free summer. Contact us today by calling 610-337-7378 to schedule a free estimate.

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