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Wayne, Pennsylvania is a community that rests within Delaware County along the suburbs of Main Line, which is a series of Philadelphia communities that are located next to the tracks of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Our community is filled with interesting personalities and many old buildings, which only contributes to our historical charm. However, no matter how much we may wish to deny it, the common pests found in our area are a huge problem for both residential and commercial properties in our community.

The good news is that Resolution Pest is also in the area! With Resolution Pest comes trusted experts in Philadelphia pest control methods and management, with several years of pest control experience. Learn how our services can help keep your home or business safe from the stress, illness, and damage pests bring to Wayne properties!

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Home Pest Control In Wayne, PA

When pests invade your Wayne home and threaten the health and well-being of your family, it’s time to get a professional pest control provider involved. In fact, it’s even more beneficial to get professional pest control on your side before a pest invasion occurs. Whether pests are currently making your home a nightmare to live in, or you just want to make sure that isn’t your fate this year, Resolution Pest has a residential pest control solution for you.
Here at Resolution Pest, we provide services, such as:

  • Free pest inspections

  • Quarterly pest control

  • A pest-free guarantee

  • Emergency treatment within four hours

No matter the residential pest threat you are facing this season, the pest specialists here at Resolution Pest have what it takes to keep your Wayne home pest-free. Don’t hesitate to call us for any inquiries you may have about our home pest control treatments and solutions!

Guide To Avoiding Rodents In Wayne, Pennsylvania

We all know how rodents are depicted in the media. People hop onto tables and chairs if someone simply mentions the idea of a mouse or rat in the dining room, and with good reason. Rodents are a major issue for many homes and businesses in our area, due to the fact that they can contaminate food, surfaces, and personal items with harmful pathogens and bacteria which cause diseases in humans. In addition to this, rodents cause quite a bit of damage to Wayne properties by gnawing on furniture, wires, piping, and structural wooden beams.
To avoid attracting rodents to your property, consider these rodent prevention tips:

  • Rodents, like many other pests, are driven by the need for food. Therefore, one of the best ways to keep them off your property is by removing any sources of food your property may provide. Close garbage cans, store food in plastic containers, place leftovers in the refrigerator, sweep up crumbs, and wipe away spills from your counters.

  • Seal all potential points of entry for rodents, such as spaces around your foundation, roofline, and doorways; check your window screens for rips or tears, and replace your screens if any tears are present.

  • Trim natural vegetation that may help rodents get inside. Overhanging tree branches, thick brush, and tall weeds are great hiding places for timid mice or rats.

The best thing any Wayne property owner can do when rodents infiltrate their property is to contact the licensed help of a pest control provider such as Resolution Pest. We only provide the best exclusionary methods and treatment options for invasive rodent pests. Don’t ignore the threat of rodents on your residential or commercial property this year - contact Resolution Pest!

Commercial Pest Control In Wayne, Pennsylvania

Resolution Pest is always striving to make the most advanced and effective pest solutions available for Wayne commercial business owners. We provide extensive and thorough inspections for commercial properties, which allows us to effectively target, remove, and eliminate any pests that create a home on your property. Here at Resolution Pest, we believe in ensuring that our technicians have integrity and excellence when it comes to maintaining effective pest protection for commercial properties.

Our professional pest control experts will inspect your Wayne property for existing pest problems and implement our commercial pest protection programs to keep future pest infestations from ever getting inside. If you want to keep your company in good standing with your customers, professional pest control services are a must. Reach out any time to Resolution Pest for your commercial pest control needs. We are always happy to help with any pest infestations you are facing!

Protect Your Wayne, Pennsylvania Property From Termites

As far as wood-destroying insects go, it’s a well-known fact that termites are the most detrimental pests to your Wayne property. These destructive creatures feed on and live in the cellulose found in many wooden structures. Unfortunately, those wooden structures often belong to your home or commercial building. Instead of allowing termite colonies to invade your unprotected property this year, you can contact the termite control specialists here at Resolution Pest to keep your home or business 100% protected.
Our pest technicians are always standing by to assist Wayne residents. Our termite control options and management solutions are much more effective than any other pest provider in the area. With the help of products like Termidor and liquid treatment options, the pest technicians from Resolution Pest have you covered throughout every season. For your free residential or commercial termite inspection, contact Resolution Pest today!


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