What to Do After Removing a Tick

Play it safe by following these guidelines


Tick removal must be done as soon as you spot one embedded in the skin. It’s important to take note of a number of things as you remove the tick in case you need to answer questions about it later. Here’s what to do after you remove a tick.

After Tick Removal

Take note of the color and size. Deer ticks, known for spreading Lyme disease, are reddish brown in color and about the size of a pinhead. They have no markings. Dog ticks, known for carrying Rocky Mountain spotted fever, are slightly larger in size than deer ticks. They are also reddish brown in color and have white markings on their backs.

Was the tick embedded in the skin? If a tick hasn’t attached, it will still be small, flat and appear as described above. Once it’s engorged, it remains stationary and grows in size and changes color. Ticks that haven’t embedded themselves in the skin might still be walking around on the body. If you manage to remove the tick before it attaches to the skin you’re safe from disease because it hasn’t fed on your blood yet.

If the tick is embedded in the skin, how long has it been attached? Only ticks that are attached and have finished feeding or are near the end of their meal can transmit Lyme disease. After arriving on the skin, the tick that spreads Lyme disease usually takes 24 hours before feeding begins.

Is the tick engorged with blood? Because ticks need to feed on your blood to spread disease, it’s important to know what an engorged tick looks like. Engorged ticks have taken a blood meal that can last for a few days. Once they’ve had a feeding, their bodies expand and take on a rounder shape and a lighter color.

After you Remove a Tick…

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